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StayGuard Skin and Wound Care surgical sutures
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DisinfectantsPads, Wipes and Sanitizers
Wound DressingsBandages, Gauze and Cotton
Wound ClosureSutures, Staples and Zippers
First Aid KitsFirst Aid for Every Application
OrthopedicsBandages, Castings and Supports
Medical TapesAdhesives and Tapes

About StayGuard Skin and Wound Care

What Makes Us Different?

Quality Standard

Price Point

Flexible Specifications

Marketing Support

Our ultimate goal is to meet the demands of our distributors, and ultimately the end user, with reliable, innovative products that remain cost effective for developed and developing markets alike.

We consistently expand our production capability and capacity, always improving our products and expanding our range, to adapt to the markets where our products are distributed.


How to Become a Distributor?

Packaging Design

Document Preparation

Factory Inspection

Manufacturing Agreement

Marketing Support

Registration Completion

Samples Testing

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