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Padded Aluminum Splint

Padded Aluminum Splint

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved padded aluminum splints manufacturer.

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XtraGuard Series

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XtraGuard Series






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XtraGuard (PAS-01) Pliable Aluminum with Padding can be molded to stabilize any body part; ideal for first aid.

The Padded Aluminum Splint, also known as SAM® splint (a registered trademark of SAM Medical Products), is a compact, lightweight, and versatile device designed for immobilizing bone and soft tissue injuries. It is extremely versatile in that it can be easily cut into different sizes and shapes to splint all extremities. Made with lightweight and malleable foam-padded aluminum, this splint is both soft and adaptable. It is especially used in emergency situations and for first aid use.


StayGuard™ padded aluminum splints are built with ultra-thin aluminum alloy and latex- free closed-cell foam. Our splint is extremely pliable and becomes incredibly strong when bent into a simple curve. It provides exceptional strength and support for any fracture or injured limb. Unlike other splints, our splint does not rely on the materials they are constructed from but from its smart design. StayGuard™ padded aluminum splint is exceptionally strong, malleable, and lightweight. It is also radiolucent and will not interfere with X-rays. Our padded aluminum splints are ISO, CE and USFDA approved.


StayGuard™ padded aluminum splints are used in hospitals, clinics, sport facilities, and households worldwide. They are commonly used by emergency care providers and outdoor enthusiasts in emergency situations. They are often found in first aid kits, emergency jump kits, and ambulances.


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How can I use the StayGuard™ Padded Aluminum Splint?
StayGuard™ Padded Aluminum Splint is suitable for splinting all extremities. It can be easily cut with any ordinary household scissors to create the preferred size and shape. The splint can then be bended to give splint strength and support. By creating a T-curve or longitudinal bend, the splint can immobilize the limb.
Is the StayGuard™ Padded Aluminum Splint reusable?
StayGuard™ Padded Aluminum Splint uses the highest quality closed-cell foam that allows for easy cleaning and disinfection. Our product is designed to be cleaned with standard cleaning solutions. It is extremely versatile in that it can be cleaned, rerolled, and reused.
What if I am allergic to latex?
Our padded aluminum splint is made with ultra-thin aluminum alloy and dermatologically safe, latex-free closed-cell cell foam.
How long can the StayGuard™ Padded Aluminum Splint be used?
Our padded aluminum splints are designed to be used as long as needed. If use is expected to be more than a few hours, place a cotton cloth or any absorbent material to prevent skin irritation and odor. If irritation or odor occurs, our splint can be easily removed and cleaned.
Do I need to remove the StayGuard™ Padded Aluminum Splint before taking an X-ray?
Our padded aluminum splint was designed to be radiolucent. Therefore, the splint does not have to be removed for X-rays.
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