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About Us

About Us

Our Difference. Our Quality. Our Prices.

StayGuard™, a division of AdvaCare Pharma USA™, is an internationally recognized manufacturer of a wide range of skin and wound care products. From bandages to first aid kits, we produce a expansive variety of quality, cost-effective wound care products. Our wide range of products are distributed in the retail, hospital, and government sectors to more than 65 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Our ultimate goal is to meet the demands of our distributors, and ultimately the end user, with reliable, innovative products that remain cost effective for developed and developing markets alike. We consistently expand our production capability and capacity, always improving our products and expanding our range, to adapt to the markets where our products are distributed.

As reflected from the certifications our products have obtained (CE, ISO, USFDA, etc.), StayGuard™ is committed to providing quality wound care products that contribute to the global effort for improving health standards.

Why StayGuard ?

High Quality Standards

As our products are distributed to every corner of the globe, we ensure our reputation is upheld by enforcing rigorous testing and quality control procedures. Only high quality, medical grade raw materials are used in the production of all StayGuard™ products. Regular government, third-party, and in-house inspections reinforce our culture of constant improvement in a never-ending pursuit of eliminating any possibility of quality inconsistency. All of our skin and wound care products have attained CE, ISO, and/or USFDA certifications.

Cost Effective Products

We, at StayGuard™, are committed to debunking the myth of “getting what you pay for”, which has come to dominate the perspective of healthcare professionals and consumers. When providing healthcare products, especially skin and wound care solutions, we understand that quality cannot be sacrificed at any cost. We aim to provide reliable, quality products at a cost-effective price point that meets the demands of every market. As a division of an international healthcare company, AdvaCare Pharma, we utilize our manufacturing base in China and India to reduce costs and pass the savings on to our distributors and ultimately the end user of our products.

Flexible Specifications

StayGuard™ products are available in a wide range of specifications to meet the requirements of our distributors and the demands of their markets. While a wide range does not necessarily set us apart from competing brands, the flexibility of our production methods does. As we produce on a per market basis, meaning that we produce to order, our production specifications are flexible. Among other advantages, producing to order allows us to provide a very wide range of sizes, materials, shapes, functions, applications, and other available specifications. Our standardized range is also constantly expanded as we identify new or changing needs for each market.

Marketing Support

Providing our distributors with the materials and knowledge necessary to enter and expand in their respective market, as well as keep consumers well informed, is one of our most important functions at StayGuard™. We realize that marketing is a key component to a successful relationship between a supplier and distributor. For this reason, we are involved with every step from market entry to gaining share in a mature market environment. Our Marketing Department will provide a wide range of customized marketing materials specific for the market of each distributor, market analysis, and strategic support. A multi-faceted strategy is essential in a successful marketing campaign, and we are here to support our distributors throughout the entire process.

Our Difference

Presenting High Quality Packaging Design and Materials

Product packaging is a pivotal aspect in marketing that can dictate the level of success of a product. As the face of the product, packaging makes the very first impression on the consumer.  Due to the importance of this marketing element, our marketing department adjusts the packaging design and materials to suit each specific country, ensuring the acceptance of our products in every market entered.

Providing Customized Promotional and Informative Materials

Another essential element of marketing is raising brand awareness and reputation in the domestic market. We provide customized promotional and informative materials including pamphlets, brochures, t-shirts, pens, cups, and other useful marketing items.

Advising Marketing Direction and Assisting with Strategic Support

At StayGuard™, we realize that the real work begins when our products reach our distributors. An outcome-based model dictates our policies, meaning that we are focused on the success of our distributor up to the point that the very last product is in the hands of the consumer. Combining our vast experience in market entry with the local knowledge of our distributors is a recipe for success that we have replicated in markets throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America. Trust in our capabilities and see why StayGuard™ is one of the fastest growing brands internationally!

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