About Us

About Us

Our Difference. Our Quality. Our Prices.

StayGuard™, a division of AdvaCare Pharma USA™, is an internationally recognized manufacturer of a wide range of skin and wound care products. From bandages to first aid kits, we produce a expansive variety of quality, cost-effective wound care products. Our wide range of products are distributed in the retail, hospital, and government sectors to more than 65 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Our ultimate goal is to meet the demands of our distributors, and ultimately the end user, with reliable, innovative products that remain cost effective for developed and developing markets alike. We consistently expand our production capability and capacity, always improving our products and expanding our range, to adapt to the markets where our products are distributed.

As reflected from the certifications our products have obtained (CE, ISO, USFDA, etc.), StayGuard™ is committed to providing quality wound care products that contribute to the global effort for improving health standards.

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