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Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape

Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved zinc oxide plaster tapes manufacturer.

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EconoGuard (ZOP-01) 100% cotton zinc oxide plaster tape is ideal for surgical operations and to prevent sport injuries.

Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape is a non-stretch, 100% cotton tape that is easy to tear and effective in securing dressings on most parts of the body. Made of medical-grade cotton, this tape is used for various functions: in surgical operations, prevention of sports injuries of muscles or ligaments, and stabilization and protection of children’s or adults’ injured joints.


StayGuard™ Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape, also known as ZOP, is one of the most commonly used medical tapes/bandages due to its affordability and versatility. Made of high quality, medical-grade cotton with strong adhesiveness, this tape has been made even more effective and affordable due to our improved hotmelt adhesive which is stronger and longer lasting than pure Zinc Oxide adhesive. Available in a wide range of sizes and in both skin and white colors, zinc oxide adhesive bandage is capable to absorbing perspiration, providing effortless peeling after use.


Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape, also applied as a bandage mostly for sports applications, is widely used in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, sporting events, and households. Available in both the hospital and retail sectors, this tape is widely available to consumers. In order to preserve the quality of the tape, it should be stored away from direct light and at room temperature.


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When should I choose pure zinc oxide over hotmelt zinc oxide bandage?
Pure zinc oxide bandage provides a slightly longer-lasting but weaker bond, which is why hotmelt zinc oxide has become a more effective and economical adhesive.
How do you apply it?
To apply StayGuard™ zinc oxide bandage on a wound, first gently rinse the wound with running water and let it dry thoroughly. On the dry and clean surface place a clean dressing, tear the tape in appropriate length, and fix the tape to secure the dressing. After use, gently take off the tape.
Does it have an expiration date?
Yes, generally the expiration date is three years from manufactured date. Refer to the product packaging for specific expiration date.
How can I increase the adhesion of the tape so that it sticks better?
In order to increase the adhesion of the tape, apply the tape to clean and dry skin and apply pressure on tape. While applying the tape, be careful not to touch the sticky surface since repeated touch on the sticky surface will lead to loss of stickiness to a certain degree. After dressing yourself, avoid moist condition to elongate the stickiness.
Can zinc oxide cause allergic reaction?
Zinc oxide is not a common cause of allergic reaction. However, different people can develop different allergies. If you find any allergic reaction such as rash or itchiness, stop the use of the tape and go seek for help to your doctor.
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