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Gauze Adhesive Bandage

Gauze Adhesive Bandage

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved gauze adhesive bandages manufacturer.

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EconoGuard Series

Self Adhesive Island Dressing
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EconoGuard Series








Product Specifications

Product Series Characteristic
EconoGuard (GAB-01) Square shaped bandage for a cut or injury of shorter length.Rectangular shaped bandage for a cut or injury of longer length. Long shaped bandage for a cut or injury of length or for the finger.Round shaped bandage for an injury of the eye or knee.

Gauze Adhesive Bandage, also called a self-adhesive island dressing, is a type of bandage that is applied to heal and protect post-operative wounds, large cuts, acute and chronic wounds, abrasions, and other skin and tissue injuries that require more protection than a simple bandage. Made of non-woven fabric with strong adhesive and a highly absorbent dressing, adhesive gauze bandages are durable and waterproof to prevent infection.


StayGuard™ gauze adhesive bandages are sterile, high quality bandages with various features that promote the healing of wounds. Strong, non-woven spunlace is soft, flexible and comfortable while hypoallergenic adhesion makes for a waterproof seal with the skin surrounding the wound, ensuring a barrier that prevents bacteria from entering the area of the wound. StayGuard™ adhesive gauze bandages are commonly applied after surgical procedures, but also can be used for minor injuries where increased protection from infection is necessary. A wide range of available sizes and shapes will cover any wound on any part of the body. In addition, we are also ISO, CE and USFDA certified.


StayGuard™ gauze adhesive bandages are commonly used in hospitals, operating rooms, emergency rooms, clinics, first aid, and households worldwide. Also commonly applied for more minor injuries, adhesive bandages are also available in retail stores. With 16 sizes and shapes, StayGuard™ produces an adhesive bandage for every application including square and rectangular bandages for incisions and cuts, round bandages to be applied to the eye and knee, and even a bandage for drainage of secretions.


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Why choose StayGuard™ Adhesive Gauze Dressing?
Our adhesive gauze dressings are made of high-quality spunlace non-woven material that heals wounds without that sticky feeling. It easily peels off when you feel like your wound is healed or a new bandage has to be applied.
How big of an area can StayGuard™ Adhesive Gauze Dressing cover?
StayGuard™ Adhesive Gauze Dressing can cover large areas up to 15x20cm and long wounds up to 30cm. We produce several shapes and sizes to meet every wound application.
If the cut or injury is too deep or wide, should I directly apply an adhesive bandage?
Deeper, wider cuts and punctures of the skin might require wound closure, for which medical attention should be sought immediately. However, the wound should be protected until proper medical attention is received, so an adhesive bandage can be applied if bleeding is not excessive.
How do you store StayGuard™ Adhesive Dressing?
It is highly recommended to store StayGuard™ Adhesive Dressing in a cool, dry place. Doing so will avoid the product from drying up and lessening its healing properties.
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