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Infusion Splint

Infusion Splint

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved Infusion Splints manufacturer.

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Standard (IFS-01) Double velcro strips: ambidextrous and universal size.

Infusion splint, also known as an arm-splint, is a medical device that is used to ensure comfortable and safe fixation, prone or supine position of the arm during continuous intravenous infusions, specifically intra-venous permanent-drip infusions, or dialysis. Infusion splints prevent the patient from bending the limb, which in turn minimizes catheter blockages, reducing the need for nurses to reset the blockage alarm on pumps that deliver the fluid into the vein.


StayGuard™ brand of Infusion Splints is uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals with distribution to both developed and developing markets. Made with best-quality medical-grade materials, our Infusion Splints are ISO, CE, and USFDA certified.
Infusion Splints feature a special ergonomic design to stabilize the area of flexion while holding the arm in the optimal position for intravenous fluid infusions. Our Infusion Splints have wide straps to hold the device more securely, which is beneficial to patients of all ages.


Infusion Splints are safe and easy to apply. Start from forming the splint beforehand in the position desired and place it, depending on the indication, to the interior or exterior of the joint to be immobilized. Then, tie the elastic straps around the limb securely. Close the straps with the hook and loop fastener; to improve stabilization also crosswise. Infusion Splints should not be used for fractures, open wounds, skin defects, and circulatory disturbances at the place of its application.


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Are infusion splints safe to use during MRI?
Yes. Infusion splints are MRI safe. They are made from nonconductive, nonmagnetic, and insulating materials, and will not become hot during an MRI scan.
Are infusion splints suitable for children?
Yes, infusion splints are one size fits all. The soft straps on them are easy to adjust for each patient to prevent the restriction of circulation.
Can infusion splints be applied to open wounds?
Infusion splints are not sterile and cannot be applied to open wounds.
Can I reuse infusion splints on multiple patients?
Do not reuse infusion splints. The reuse of disposable products holds a potential risk for patients. This can result in contamination and can cause injuries, diseases, and the death of a patient.
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