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Shoulder Support Brace

Shoulder Support Brace

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved manufacturer of Shoulder Support Brace.

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Orthopedic (SHS-01) Universal shoulder support with a buckle strap closure is non-restrictively designed for the left or right shoulder.

Shoulder Support Braces, also commonly referred to as a Shoulder Brace, help immobilize the shoulder and arm in order to minimize movement, provide excellent compression and support to an injured area. Thus, the process of healing is undisturbed, the risk of re-injury is reduced and the recovery period is less painful and stressful. Shoulder Support Braces are commonly recommended by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists or other medical professionals to the patients who suffer from shoulder pains such as a dislocated shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, joint injuries, arthritis and rheumatic pain.


StayGuard™ Shoulder Support Brace comes in a universal version or 2 options for both the left and right shoulders to ensure a solution for every application. A quality, reinforced buckle strap holds the brace in place for extended periods of time. Due to our high standards of production, our products are environmentally friendly. StayGuard™ is a ISO, CE and USFDA approved Shoulder Support Brace manufacturer.


StayGuard™ Shoulder Support Brace improves a patient’s performance, secures and protects the injured area, strengthens weak muscles, joints and structures in the shoulder and arm and helps speed up the recovery process. Anatomically designed, it is reversible for use on the left and right shoulder as needed, and its adjustable straps provide a wide range of fit and correct posture on the shoulder. Suitable for both men and women, StayGuard™ Shoulder Support Brace becomes a necessary accessory to come back to an active lifestyle after shoulder or arm injury.


While using Shoulder Support Brace it is recommended to avoid excessive tightening of the straps as it may compromise circulation. If numbness is experienced, try loosening the straps. Before unlocking the brace, turn the control knob slightly to reduce pressure on the arm.


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When should I use a shoulder support brace?
StayGuard™ shoulder support brace helps support and immobilize the shoulder and arm while you are injured. If you are recovering from injury and are looking to be active in sports and activities, it is important to adequately support your shoulder as it will have a higher chance of re-injury.
How long do you wear a brace after shoulder surgery?
It is very important to wear a shoulder support brace as directed by your doctor after surgery. The brace is typically used for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. You should not do any reaching, lifting, pushing, or pulling with your shoulder during the first six weeks after surgery.
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