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Skin Stapler

Skin Stapler

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved Skin Stapler manufacturer.

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XtraGuard (SST-01) Sterile medical device with 35 staples is being used for urgent, quick and easy wound closure.

Skin Staplers, also referred to as Wound Staplers, are used to close large wounds and incisions more efficiently, quickly and less painfully for many patients following surgical procedures when compared to wound closure by means of stitches. The use of staples as a wound closure device reduces the local inflammatory response, width of the wound, and the time it takes to close, thus minimizing the amount of time a patient is in surgery or under anesthesia.


StayGuard™ Skin Stapler has capacity for 35 staples and provides a solution for any surgical application. Due to our high standards of production, our products are environmentally friendly. StayGuard™ is a ISO, CE and USFDA approved Skin Stapler manufacturer.


StayGuard™ Skin Stapler is utilized in hospitals and clinics by medical professionals due to its simplicity and reliability, being recognized as a functional, quality and cost-effective brand of wound closure device. StayGuard™ staples are defined as thin pieces of metal, similar in function and appearance to the commonly used staple for stationary purposes, used externally to close skin under high pressure. StayGuard™ skin stapler can quickly seal tissue and blood vessels by connecting two pieces of tissue together and holding the wound closed.


Skin staples never should be removed by a patient himself or herself at home. Use is required only by a licensed medical professional to remove staples from a healed wound. A surgeon, doctor or licensed medical professional follows special procedures and uses specific tools in order to safely remove surgical skin staples without causing complications.


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How long do skin staples stay in?
Staples usually stay in for 7 to 14 days because they are placed on parts of the body like the scalp, arms, or legs.
What’s the advantage of skin stapling over suturing?
A distinct advantage that staples have over sutures is their quick placement, stapling is three to four times faster than suturing and more suitable for some wound closure applications.
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