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Thumb/Wrist Splint

Thumb/Wrist Splint

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved Thum/Wrist Splint manufacturer.

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Orthopedic (TWS-01) Universal Thumb-Wrist splint made from latex-free material with the support bar, adjustable for left & right hands.

Thumb/wrist splint, also known as spica brace, is a type of orthopedic splint specifically designed for immobilization of the thumb for post-operative rehabilitation, stabilization of fractures and post-cast removal. Spica braces help treat a broad range of medical conditions and injuries of the thumb or wrist, such as moderate sprains and strains and some soft tissue injuries, as well as De Quervain’s syndrome, tendonitis and fractures. Thumb-wrist splints can keep the thumb immobilized while still allowing the fingers to move.


StayGuard™ brand of Thumb/Wrist Splints is uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals with distribution to both developed and developing markets. Made with durable medical-grade materials, our Thumb-Wrist Splints are ISO, CE, and USFDA certified.
Thumb-Wrist Splints are made of lightweight, breathable, padded material for maximum comfort, and coolness. While the wrist and thumb are protected, you still have full finger movement. Our Thumb-Wrist Splints are also easy to apply and feature an adjustable thumb grip, which, in turn, allows a customizable fit.


Note that the application of thumb-wrist splints should only be prescribed by a healthcare professional. Before applying this medical device, loosen all closure straps on the splint. Like that of wearing a glove, slide a hand into the support. The spica portion should fit around the base of the thumb. Wrap the support around the wrist. Using freehand, close the loop and lock straps starting at the bottom. If done correctly, the support should fit well, but not too tight, a little wrist movement should be possible at this point. You can tighten and re-adjust as needed.


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Can I sleep with my thumb-wrist splint on?
Yes. The metal splint is covered by soft, breathable fabric, that is comfortable enough to sleep in, so you get 24-hour support and stability.
How do I take care of my thumb-wrist splint?
You have to remove your finger splint every day to wash your hands. When your splint is off, do not try to bend the tip of your injured thumb. Put your splint back on as soon as possible. Make sure the splint is in the same place.
How often to take the splint off?
Follow your doctor’s instructions. How long you wear a thumb-wrist splint depends on your diagnosis and how you heal. Stop using the medical equipment and contact your medical professional if any discomfort or pain occurs.
Can my thumb-wrist splint cause skin irritation?
There are no materials in the thumb-wrist Splint that are known to cause skin irritation. If you have experienced irritation while wearing a thumb-wrist splint, it could be from extended use or contact dermatitis, because if the wrapped skin gets sweaty, it can sometimes itch. The irritation could also occur if the splint hasn’t been washed in a while. If you do experience skin irritation, please consult your doctor.
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