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Cooling Patch

Cooling Patch

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved Cooling Patch manufacturer.

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Product Specifications

Product Series Characteristic
EconoGuard (CPA-01) Cooling gel infused non-woven + film material; 12x5cm
EconoGuard (CPA-02) Cooling gel infused non-woven + film material; 11x4cm

Cooling Patch, also known as fever cool patch or pain relief patch, is a soft gel strip that effectively cools a user’s skin to a comfortable temperature. They work by rapidly absorbing heat from the body. This product provides soothing relief associated with hot flushes, fevers, severe headaches, migraines, toothaches, bruises and sprains.


StayGuard™ brand of Cooling Patches is uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals with distribution to both developed and developing markets. Made with medical-grade gel, our Cooling Patches are ISO, CE, and USFDA certified.
Our Cooling Patches contain natural menthol, specially designed to immediately relieve discomfort from fevers and other minor conditions by pulling the heat away and allowing it to quickly dissipate into the air. The innovative material of our Cooling Patches won’t heat up over time, so the cooling effect stays just as strong in the last hour as it is in the first.


Cooling patches are easy to apply and remove and will not leave any sticky residue on the skin. With its quick-acting soothing effect, it can be used at home, work, or on the go. First, clean the skin and make it dry. Then, simply peel off transparent film from the back of the gel and place the gel sheet on the skin. We recommend storing cooling patches in a cool dry place, but do not store them in the freezer. For sanitary reasons, use each sheet only once and discard after use.


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Can cooling patches be used by children?
Cooling Patch can be applied to people from various age groups. However, this product should be used only under strict supervision when applied to children. If your child is a diabetic or has poor circulation, consult your doctor before use.
Can cooling patches be used with other medications?
Yes. Our Cooling Patches can be used in conjunction with other treatments for maximum effects.
Can cooling patches be applied to very sensitive skin?
Do not apply cooling patches to wounds or irritated, damaged, sunburned, or very sensitive skin. If excessive redness, irritation, burning or discomfort of the skin develops, discontinue use, and consult a physician immediately.
How long does the cooling effect last?
Usually, the cooling effect lasts up to 8 hours.
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