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Male Enhancement Patch

Male Enhancement Patch

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved manufacturer of Male Enhancement Patch.

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EconoGuard (MRP-01) Soft, comfortable fabric with naturally produced, plant-based from 100% Saw Palmetto, Korean GInseng, Muira Puama, Guarana Seed, Gingko Bilboa; Male Enhancement Patch features zero harmful ingredients.

Male Enhancement Patch offers a long list of benefits for men seeking sexual enhancement, including size and erection increase, sustained libido growth, improvement in sexual drive, desire and overall energy boost. Our unique composition features 100% natural ingredients that are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream facilitating blood circulation and increased blood flows to the penis. Direct dermal absorption is both faster and more effective than the same ingredients having to be processed through the digestive system. Male Enhancement Patches are extremely easy to use, similar to applying a standard bandage having strong adhesive to skin and do not leave stains on clothes.


Male Enhancement Patch is available in various specifications to ensure an easy and convenient solution for every man. Due to our high standards of production our products are environmentally friendly. StayGuard™ is a ISO, CE and USFDA approved Anti-Smoke Patch manufacturer.


StayGuard™ Male Enhancement Patch is a highly effective, all-natural product made of potent herbal extracts for men to supercharge sexual performance. In addition to a powerful composition, efficacy of our patch is further enhanced by nature of the benefits of dermal absorption. Similar in function to a nicotine or diet patch, ingredients are absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream for immediate action. Capsules, tablets, powders and other oral forms of male enhancement, penis enlargement or sexual enhancement products must be swallowed and processed through the digestive system – disintegration from solid state to fine particles, followed by nutrient suspension and finally processed into a nutrient solution into the gastrointestinal tract, time is required and effectiveness reduced.
Being produced of natural herbal extracts, StayGuard™ Enhancement Patch is completely safe with little to no overall side effects. Bypassing the digestive system also reduces any negative gastrointestinal side effects. StayGuard™ Male enhancement patch is the safest and easiest method by which to reach the peak of sexual activity and maximum pleasure to increase your confidence, power and energy.


Never put the patch on the genital area or face. Stop using the products if redness or irritation presents during or after use. Also, it is important to consult with a medical professional before starting to use this product.


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How do I use StayGuard™ Male Enhancement Patches?
Put them on your back, make sure the skin surface is clean. Apply them before sleep and remove them in the morning.
How does it work?
A small and water-resistant absorbent patch will transform ingredients from the patch into your bloodstream within 72 hours.
How do I store StayGuard™ Male Enhancement Patches?
Store the patches at room temperature and do not expose them to direct sun light.
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