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Lumbar Brace

Lumbar Brace

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved Lumbar Brace manufacturer.

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Standard (LUB-01) Reinforced stainless steel with breathable fabric, PP, latex waist airbag; Adjustable metal screw buckle

Lumbar Brace, also known as lumbosacral orthosis or LSO, is an external medical device that supports the spine’s muscular and bony structures after an injury or a complex spinal surgery. Lumbar braces can be an essential component to the successful treatment of spinal disorders as they relieve pain, provide additional stability for the spine, and reduce pressure as well as the range of motion.


StayGuard™ brand of Lumbar Braces is uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals with distribution to both developed and developing markets. Made with best-quality medical-grade materials, our Lumbar Braces are ISO, CE, and USFDA certified. The primary function of our Lumbar Brace is to provide the maximum support needed for the back muscles to recover after spinal surgery. Our Lumbar Brace constantly reminds the patient to minimize the range of motion during the healing and prevents further injury.


Wearing Lumbar Brace incorrectly could potentially result in further injuries. Position the brace so that the back is centered on your spine and the lumbar curve of the back insert matches the curve of your spine. Then fasten the right-side strap panel by holding the front of the brace in your left hand and the right strap panel in your right hand and pressing the Velcro hook of the strap panel onto the Velcro loop of the front brace panel. Make sure the back of the brace is centered on your spine.


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How long should I wear my lumbar brace?
Everyone's recovery and medical condition are different, so there's no specific time frame. We would recommend that you consult your doctor and come up with a personalized schedule. Typically, lumbar braces are prescribed to be worn for a certain number of hours each day, and the regimen may range from a couple of days to several weeks. It is important to recognize that a lumber brace is almost never a permanent part of a treatment plan, in order to prevent muscle atrophy.
How should I take care of my skin under the lumbar brace?
First of all, washing the skin under the brace every day will help keep dirt from building up and causing irritation. Too much moisture under the brace can irritate the skin, thus avoid wearing lotions under the brace. It is common to have some red spots on the skin after taking the brace off. These spots should go away within 30 minutes. If they do not go away, or the brace leaves a rash or bruise on the skin, you should consult your doctor.
Should I wear my lumbar brace while sleeping or taking a shower?
Post-surgical patients should wear the lumbar brace whenever they are walking. Patients do not have to wear a lumbar brace when sleeping or taking a shower. However, standing while not wearing the lumbar brace should be done for a very limited amount of time per day.
Should I wear any cloth under my lumbar brace?
Wearing a cotton shirt under your brace will help prevent developing skin irritations. Make sure your shirt is clean, tight-fitting with no wrinkles or side seams, and extends in the length of the brace.
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