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Thoracolumbar Brace

Thoracolumbar Brace

We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved Thoracolumbar Brace manufacturer.

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Standard (TLB-01) Available in Universal size (waist circumference 70-100 cm), Anatomic with Adjustable metal screw buckle; Material: Stainless Steel + Breathable Fabric + PP, Natural Latex Waist Airbag.

Thoracolumbar Brace, also known as Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis (TLSO) back brace, is a brace specifically designed to provide effective structural support for the thoracic, lumbar and sacrum part of the spine. TLSO may be used instead of surgery to help correct spinal problems and can be used as a removable body cast. Thoracolumbar Brace provides compression and, therefore, slows down or eliminates the growth of unnatural curves and deformities in the spine.


StayGuard™ brand of Thoracolumbar Braces is uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals with distribution to both developed and developing markets. Made with durable medical-grade materials, our Thoracolumbar Braces are ISO, CE, and USFDA certified.
Our Thoracolumbar Braces provide a perfect motion restriction to encourage correct and safe healing in several regions of the spine. They are designed to be incredibly lightweight and breathable to ensure patient’s maximum comfort throughout the day and can be used at different stages of treatment, including before and after surgery.


Have the person who can help you to place the back half of the thoracolumbar brace on your back, making sure the waist indentations on the inside of the brace are just above your hip bones and below your ribs. Position the front half of the brace. Fully tighten both straps at the bottom of the brace on both sides. Fully tighten the straps at the top of the brace on both sides. Before getting up to a standing position, make sure that the brace is aligned, and adjust it, if necessary.


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Can I bathe in the thoracolumbar brace?
Yes. You should talk to your healthcare provider about showering. You may be able to take off the brace to shower. You also may be able to shower while you wear it. If you shower with the brace on, be sure to thoroughly dry the brace and the skin under it.
How to choose the proper size of the thoracolumbar brace?
You should get your brace fitted by your healthcare provider. It is very important that your thoracolumbar brace is the right size for you and that it fits properly. Your healthcare provider will help you choose a brace that is right for your injury or condition. If it does not fit properly or moves out of place, it could cause more injury.
When should I wear my thoracolumbar brace?
Wear your orthosis as directed by your healthcare provider. You may need to wear your brace during certain activities or at all times. For example, you may need to wear it during any activity that could injure your back.
How can I protect my skin from the irritation and red marks caused by thoracolumbar brace?
Always inspect your skin for irritation and reddened areas after wearing the brace. If it appears, you may have to readjust your brace. Also wear a clean, dry cotton shirt under your thoracolumbar brace. The shirt will help absorb sweat and protect your skin. A small amount of powder may also help reduce the amount of moisture on the skin beneath the brace.
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